Up to R15 000 per school

EduSmart Partner Program

Mzansi Digital Partners has developed a smart schools application that will help schools and the education department achieve improved outcomes. The application links to a learner/educator smart card which it reads for every instance that the school/department chooses to record and manage digitally. 

We are looking for entrepreneurial businesses to partner with us in driving the scale of the project to reach schools in every province. This can be achieved in two ways; partners will have existing school customers that they service or they may be service providers in districts or provinces to which they can sell the application. Either way the rewards are matched by the volumes that you can bring. Please fill the form below and we'll be in touch in no time. 


Well, you gotta earn every cent by delivering the required volumes, servicing and managing the relationships with assigned customers.  

EduSmart School.png

The first task is to sell EduSmart Cards to schools that you target. You must convert at least 50 schools to customers between September 2020 and February 2021. 

EduSmart Student Card.png

The second task is the production of the id cards. You need to take photos of all learners and create an excel spreadsheet  with learner information and images. 

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The third task is to help school install the EduSmart App and coordinate virtual training for the users. You will then manage the ongoing customer relationship in terms of the agreed service level for the year.

Partner Application Form

Please complete the accompanying application form for the EduSmart Partner Programme. Once your application has been approved you will be contacted and more information and the marketing material will be provided.

Target Customers
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